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Ehraan City Guard

They keep watch and make sure you can stroll around safely. The guards of Ehraan City. Dutiful and fierce ladies. Don't mess with them.
If you read Myre Vol 1, you may remember their short appearance during the time when Myre and Lutz make it through the city. Ehraan City is a busy place with several entrances and connections to merchants' routes. It's a buzzing place with money and a strict hierachy and politics. Guards don't wear their armour solely out of protection. They are representatives of the wealth of the place, also. Pompously dressed, a guard reflects the status of the city as much as its white towers and the tree in the middle. While I tried to keep the armour somewhat practical, I couldn't resist to go overboard with some details. Guards there are mostly female lions; or characters based on lions' looks, rather.

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